Did you know Python is named after Monty Python? Any idea how python is better for web development or what are its drawbacks? Find out everything about Python in this blog.

Among all the popular web development languages, Python ranks top in the list. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the most dynamic, flexible, and highly competent programming languages than PHP, Java, or C++.

In March’s web development survey, Python has gained the first position in the list of most used web development languages in the market. The second rank holder in Java here. …

software consulting company
software consulting company

Ecommerce has made unprecedented progress in the last few years, creating a massive roar in the digital world. It has transformed the conventional way of shopping and has led to persuade many people to purchase online.

It’s a new trend for shopping in the ongoing 21st century, pushing the brick-and-mortar shop model back. You can also have your e-commerce store by contacting an e-commerce development company in India.

Since technology has always facilitated the way for online ventures, Blockchain in e-commerce is one of them. Blockchain ensures different crucial features required in online commerce.

Now you must be thinking about…

web designing company
web designing company

Are you looking for web designing tips for a student website? If so, then you have landed on the right page. This blog will give you a tour of all the necessary components related to a student website.

Technology has shown the world a new way of learning today. Gone are the days when students used to go to colleges to enquire about the admission process, fee structures, and seat availability. They prefer to see such kinds of stuff online because it helps them save their energy and time.

The below data reflects how technology has influenced the digital market…

Developing an app can give you a competitive edge in the market

Technological advancements in the communications sector have risen significantly today, and it’s all due to the mobile phone. These tech devices are now an essential part of our lives where we can’t live for a minute without a phone. But what exactly is it that attracts us the most about these gadgets today? Everyone knows the answer; it is a mobile application.

Yes, people spend almost 2 hours a day on the mobile app. Even its downloads are constantly increasing every year, as there were around 218 billion app downloads in 2019.

So what happens if you add this advancement…

website designing
website designing

We can easily see teenagers peeping into their palm-sized rectangular device, popularly known as smartphones in today’s digital age, and is not a surprise at all. They can sit glaring at the screen all day long, either it is a handheld device or a laptop.

Web development reports say that 88 percent of teenagers between 13 and 17 in the US have access to a laptop or desktop, and it is evident that most of them are using it with internet connectivity.

Almost every aspect of our lives now generates data. Smartwatches track every step we take and detect every beat of our heart. The smartphones in our pockets know our location at all times, our hobbies, where we are going on vacation, and what we are thinking of buying.

Some of these ideas benefit the customer and others help the manufacturer of the product. Ultimately, we are all emerging into an Internet of Things (IoT) world that, for the most part, benefits everyone, helping our everyday lives and staying connected to the things and people that are important to us.


web designing company
web designing company

It is obvious that in this technology-evolving world, web designers can not stick to the age-old, tired, and overdone web designing trends. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and it is a must for web designers to ace up their design skills so as to survive in the market.

Web design stats predict that 94 percent of first impressions are design-related and 47 percent of the users expect a web page to load in two seconds. In 2021, designers need to bring a new height of realism that will blend the digital and ordinary like never before.

If you…

What hits your mind when you hear the word Blockchain? Undoubtedly, it’s bitcoin or ethereum for which blockchain technology was invented. But, this is not the fact. With time, the technology is eyeing a landing in multiple industry verticals, hence making it accessible to almost every organization’s operations.

And with no such exception, the travel and tourism sector is one such industry that is no longer untouched by the wide range of applications and use cases of blockchain. It is poised to revolutionize the way we travel and book travel tickets and hotel rooms.

As per the latest stats, the…

The mobile world

A comparison between the two major mobile OS

The current market of the mobile operating system is ruled by the two most famous OS being Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. The other category is so small that it accounts for only 0.01 percent of the total volume.

The serious and the strong dominance by the two dominating OS is there in the market and will be there in the future. The fight is between the two in terms of several parameters and here I will reveal some of the differences between the two and which one is better in which aspects.

Though the revelations are totally my way…

chatbot development company
chatbot development company

Today, companies struggle to create an ad that is efficient and successful. Now almost all brands create ads on websites, blogs, social media, and networks. But these platforms are awash in information, and it becomes overwhelming for many people.

A TechRepublic study states that:

  • Advertisers spent $ 7.4 billion on misplaced ads in 2016
  • Click-through rates for display ads generate a 0.35% success rate.
  • 40% of ads are not seen by living people
  • 38% of American adults have installed an ad blocker to restore their online experiences.

This is where advertisements using chatbots can help you.

For instance, Facebook is…

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