An intuitive and innovative website that clearly illustrates the critical business objectives is the ultimate tool for a growing business. A website that fails to indicate the company’s primary purpose within a few seconds is good for nothing.

Users click on the back button when the website fails to load or is difficult to navigate through. To help you out, we have listed the top dos and don’ts of website development.

Deciding the software outsourcing nation is a crucial aspect. Read the critical points for choosing between India & Brazil for mobile app development outsourcing

Deciding the nation for outsourcing is among the crucial aspects of software development. While connecting with a team of passionate coders is more vital, hiring the top developers from the best country is like a cherry on the top of the cake.

There are many options for outsourcing a mobile app development project, including India, Brazil, Russia, China, Ukraine, the Philippines, etc. Based on multiple requests, I am discussing the better option between Brazil and India for software outsourcing of mobile app development services.

While India has gained a Hacker Rank 31 and a score index of 76 for best…

Do you also find it hard to find the best android app development company in the market? No worries, I have made a list of top offshore android development companies that you can trust for your new project.

Today android is growing at a breakneck speed in the market and giving tough competition to the top mobile app development platforms like iOS, Windows, and more. All the startups, SMEs, and enterprises are jumping on this platform and getting their app developed to compete in the market.

Did you know?

  1. Android is the largest OS (operating system) in the market.
  2. In 2020, Android held the biggest market share — 87%
  3. Android has managed to beat the iOS and Windows operating systems.

With the increasing need to scale up business operations, Node.js has been trending recently. Ever since it came into existence, it has been seen as the ideal choice for web app development.

While all frameworks and languages ​​come with certain benefits, it is Node.js that handles development in enterprises. According to a recent web development stat, Node.js powers at least 20 million sites, reducing development costs by up to 58%.

That’s why companies like Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal, and LinkedIn adopted it, and that too at a time when it wasn’t as popular as it is now.

Are you…

There is a constant battle in the web development world. Python Vs. PHP, a non-stop war that has been going on for years. It’s always been a tough choice between these two leading technologies.

Both developers and businesses are always seen as confused when it comes to choosing between Python and PHP. Every forum has dozens of questions about which technology is better.

It’s an eternal question, and in the growing digital age, you can’t take a risk with the wrong decisions because it hardly takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about a website. These 0.05…

Today’s generation wonders how technology has improved their daily lives and how it is going to make it easier in the future. The tech stacks have created a customized experience for all of us from image recognition to predictive analytics.

But, do you know that these applications are the result of Machine learning? AI and ML are the new king of the IT industry and will grow even more over time. Giants like Tesla, Uber, and Google have already befriended them for processing and analyzing the data.

Deloitte research says that companies using AI and ML as their technological transformation…

Know the names of the top flutter app development companies of the world that you can hire for your next project. And, if you need more guidance about flutter then find out its benefits listed in the blog. So, start reading.

Did you know? Flutter is the 2nd most popular cross-platform framework in the market now. Currently, it has 2 million users worldwide and is still counting. Yes, the framework enjoys worldwide popularity and is booming in the mobile app development world.

As per late information by Statista, mobile applications are relied upon to produce an enormous income of $ 188.9 billion before the year’s over 2020. This information unmistakably shows the colossal development that versatile application development is developing to get.

The quantity of versatile applications is expected to ascend to 258.2 billion by 2022; thus, it is very obvious that companies can acquire gigantic advantages through mobile applications.

While there is an impressive development in the use of mobile application companies, only one out of every odd application out there makes progress. …

best web development framework
best web development framework

The backend of your application is truly the essential part of your product. No matter how much you appreciate the design, the application’s success lies in its backend. A scalable backend that effectively implements the required business logic is the primary goal of programmers.

Today’s digital transformation concept affects all organizations, irrespective of their vertical or functional industry of expertise. A massive digital transformation is leading any company’s digital presence.

This is because it helps in meeting the changing customer expectations in a better and more satisfying way. But what does digital presence mean?

Digital presence means how a business appears online. It can be both web and mobile apps.

With the advent of frameworks and APIs, web development standards have risen over the years. …

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