What are the Pros and Cons of Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation Benefits for Enterprises

  • Quick Access to Expertise
  • Lower Hiring Costs
  • Eliminates Risks of Hiring Full-time Resources
  • Highly Scalable Teams
  • Project Flexibility
  • Reduced Overhead Costs

Staff Augmentation Drawbacks

  • Higher Long-term Costs
  • Unpredictable Expenses
  • Culture Compatibility Issues

When Should You Go For Staff Augmentation?

  • The project holds a lot of high-risk, low-volume tasks, which employees would require more effort to manage
  • Unstructured tasks with zero concrete steps require less creativity and input from the client
  • The overall team strength needs to scale up or down during the project
  • When planning your project, you have to customize it or make changes based on the feedback you have gathered from your direct experiences
  • It can’t be done by your provider as efficiently and quickly as if you had gotten the feedback firsthand

Final Words




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