Finding an incredible mobile app idea is a challenging task. An innovative idea can successfully boost the growth of the investing startup by giving an edge in the competitive market.

As per App Development Stats, the Google Play Store has nearly 2.87 million apps while the Apple App Store has 1.96 million. With the addition of millions of more apps each year, finding the one with the highest potential becomes seemingly impossible.

Here are 17 mobile app ideas that are ideal for Startups

1. Contactless Delivery App

As the world is witnessing the second wave of the deadly CORONA virus…

python for mobile app development
python for mobile app development

Since smartphone users are increasing rapidly, enterprises have opted to access the customers’ reach through mobile applications. Are you also planning to get an app but still confused to proceed with the Python language?

Don’t bother; this blog will give you complete insights to determine if Python is good for your application development or no.

Did you know? As per a report, the Python web framework market is projected to grow at a significant rate of 21% by the end of 2027.

Python is considered to be the favorite language of developers worldwide. In recent years, this language has left…

tips to optimize website speed
tips to optimize website speed

Site speed and high ranking on search engines are interlinked and which business wouldn’t like their website to rank high.

The site speed establishes the main connection about your business. It’s fundamental to comprehend that you will not get another opportunity with regard to the client experience. Low site speed is quite possibly the most disappointing thing that will turn individuals off about your asset.

Superior sites bring about exceptional yield visits, low skip rates, higher changes, commitment, higher positions in natural inquiry, and better client experience. Moderate sites will cost you cash and harmed notoriety. …

multi vendor ecommerce app
multi vendor ecommerce app

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, the whole world has shattered, and people are bound to live inside their houses. Moreover, this global phenomenon has given rise to online shopping unexpectedly.

Hence, businesses are turning to the Multi-vendor marketplace to provide multiple commodities to people online and reap exponential benefits. Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart are the live examples in front of us.

Do you know? As per Statista, e-commerce sales amounted to $4.28 trillion in 2020, and they will grow up to $5.4 trillion by 2021.

Since the multi-vendor marketplace has successfully grown in the last few years, it has…

Introduced a few years back in 2017, Flutter has gained rage and popularity as a software development kit in no time. Google being the creator has helped Flutter in coming to everyone’s note.

However, the tech giant’s name gave mainly an initial push to the cross-platform framework. Flutter has tons of features that have helped it become a preferred choice for both the investors and the developer’s team.

This blog lists the top 10 benefits of flutter development for enterprises. To truly understand the worth of switching to Flutter development, you need to analyze its multiple aspects.

Let’s cover the…

Did you know Python is named after Monty Python? Any idea how python is better for web development or what are its drawbacks? Find out everything about Python in this blog.

Among all the popular web development languages, Python ranks top in the list. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the most dynamic, flexible, and highly competent programming languages than PHP, Java, or C++.

In March’s web development survey, Python has gained the first position in the list of most used web development languages in the market. The second rank holder in Java here. …

software consulting company
software consulting company

Ecommerce has made unprecedented progress in the last few years, creating a massive roar in the digital world. It has transformed the conventional way of shopping and has led to persuade many people to purchase online.

It’s a new trend for shopping in the ongoing 21st century, pushing the brick-and-mortar shop model back. You can also have your e-commerce store by contacting an e-commerce development company in India.

Since technology has always facilitated the way for online ventures, Blockchain in e-commerce is one of them. Blockchain ensures different crucial features required in online commerce.

Now you must be thinking about…

web designing company
web designing company

Are you looking for web designing tips for a student website? If so, then you have landed on the right page. This blog will give you a tour of all the necessary components related to a student website.

Technology has shown the world a new way of learning today. Gone are the days when students used to go to colleges to enquire about the admission process, fee structures, and seat availability. They prefer to see such kinds of stuff online because it helps them save their energy and time.

The below data reflects how technology has influenced the digital market…

Developing an app can give you a competitive edge in the market

Technological advancements in the communications sector have risen significantly today, and it’s all due to the mobile phone. These tech devices are now an essential part of our lives where we can’t live for a minute without a phone. But what exactly is it that attracts us the most about these gadgets today? Everyone knows the answer; it is a mobile application.

Yes, people spend almost 2 hours a day on the mobile app. Even its downloads are constantly increasing every year, as there were around 218 billion app downloads in 2019.

So what happens if you add this advancement…

website designing
website designing

We can easily see teenagers peeping into their palm-sized rectangular device, popularly known as smartphones in today’s digital age, and is not a surprise at all. They can sit glaring at the screen all day long, either it is a handheld device or a laptop.

Web development reports say that 88 percent of teenagers between 13 and 17 in the US have access to a laptop or desktop, and it is evident that most of them are using it with internet connectivity.

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